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We are a church which wants to send forward the teaching of Jesus Christ to all generations in a clear and intelligible manner.

1-Home-page-icon-question About us We are a church that wants to pass on the teachings of Jesus Christ to both believers and seekers, both young and old, in an understandable and contemporary way. We are part of the Brethren Church, one of the Protestant churches, rooted in the Czech Reformation, the Unity of the Brethren, and professing evangelical... More
1-Home-page-icon-people Small Groups The main event in our community is not only Sunday service but a large number of regular meetings of diverse small groups. These include groups for women and men separately, generational groups, groups for families and couples, etc. These meetings are open to all and serve… More
1-Home-page-icon-church Sunday Services You can visit us every Sunday at 9:00 am for Sunday services. These meetings include sermons on various biblical topics, songs in contemporary and traditional style, prayers, and the opportunity to share personal testimonies and stories. We have a room available for mothers with young children... More
1-Home-page-icon-smile Children and Youth Sunday schools for children up to 6th grade take place on Sunday during the service. During the week, various meetings of all ages are held, from the smallest to the college and working age. Diverse seasonal camps, weekend retreats, and suburban camps are also an integral part. More